Alfred Addo (Alfaddo), Artist/Owner of ADDO Contemporary Art

I am a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who has been professionally making art for the past 25 years. A Ghanaian native currently based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, I enjoy creating unique artworks that depicts lighthearted imagery aimed to explore intricate themes such as cultural heritage and individuality all inspired by my African heritage. 

My specialty is mixed media and relief sculptures. My artworks have a distinctive multi-layered and colorful yet sublime feel to the eye. My relief sculptures that give off a metallic finish, are made out from upcycled sawdust, resin and waste plastics, a unique eco-friendly process that I have perfected over the years. 

With a creative process that is sometimes planned and other times not, my ideas are conceptualized with a lot of experimenting and exploring. My work draws form from rich Afrocentric influence created out of strong expressive connections that not only capture but engages you.

I have received international recognition and awards in recent art exhibitions, gallery shows and juried competitions in the US, South Africa and Ghana. My portfolio credentials include works in the permanent collection of the United Nations Headquarters at New York.



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